Comment se faire avoir

The ING case

This case describes the transfer of CHF 540 from Spain to Switzerland. My brother-in-law tries to transfer this amount to me through his bank, in this case, Spanish subsidiary of a large bank based in Holland.


This transfer is carried out on 6 February 2020 by the services of this bank. On 7 February I receive on my UBS bank account only 528 !

I contact my brother-in-law and he confirms that he has paid another 27 € in commissions, making a total of 39 € in fees for a transfer of 540 CHF (i.e. 7.22%).


  1. How is it possible to tax a simple transfer in Europe so much?
  2. Why hasn't my brother-in-law been referred to a SEPA transfer that only costs €1?
  3. What happened to the missing 12 CHF on arrival? (it wasn't UBS that took it from me!)
  4. How is it possible to be robbed by a bank in this day and age without having answers to these questions?

History of the facts:

29 February 2020: Seeing that the bank has a Twitter account, I try to contact them through it.

First contact with the bank

Good point, they respond quickly and give me a way to contact them by email. I write them an email on March 1st explaining my situation and after a few days, I ask them where things stand:


Well... it seems I have to wait 2 months for an answer. However, the email I sent was read on March 2nd.


On 25th May I send my email back to Spain.
On the 18th of June I try with the head office by sending my email in English directly to Holland.
On the 2nd of July I receive an answer... in Dutch !!!
As COVID-19 is involved, I wait another 2 months. Then I start to get impatient by sending a last email to Spain and then also on Twitter:


I explain my case to them once again and tell them that I still don't have an answer from them:


And here is their answer:


So it would seem that I should never receive an answer by email, it's nice of you to tell me after 5 months of waiting!


Yet the question is simple, it is a question of understanding why it is possible to be robbed so much for a simple electronic transfer. It's as if the transfer is still done in a horse-drawn carriage!
So they cannot confirm an official paper issued by their own bank?


Despite countless contacts with this bank, I still don't have any answers to these questions.

I therefore accuse this bank of stealing from me until I have satisfactory answers to these questions.



Te digo que los del banco son caras duras es un robo total...
No saben que responderte por que no tienen ningún argumento...

Pienso que esto deberia salir en todos los periódicos.